Some great holiday reading for the long weekend

Some great holiday reading for the long weekend

Some great holiday reading for the long weekend

Got a bit more time on your hands since its a bank holiday this weekend? Well we've shortlisted some great novels, all with a nautical edge, so you won't be short of things to keep you occupied all weekend long!

1. Adjacent to the Argonauts adjacent to the argonauts book

By Julian Blatchley


Adjacent to the Argonauts is a light-hearted sailing trip about three Englishmen. These three take a late-season sailing holiday in Greece, and take with them a number of preconceptions about sailing and Mediterranean culture. As they continue on a random route through the Saronic and Argolic Islands and along the Greek coastlines, their views are drastically changed as they learn about the Mediterranean in all its glory, the people, geography, cuisine and culture.

2. Hearts of Stone

By Simon Scarrow 

Synopsis hearts of stone book

Hearts of Stone is a book about Lefkas Island the year before World War II. It focuses on the friendship between a German and two locals as they enjoy a summer of fun together before the war. Their friendships are put to the test when war breaks out and they end up on opposing sides. The book takes you on a journey from a peaceful town that is strained by war.

3. The Holiday

By Erica James the holiday erica james


The Holiday is a much more light-hearted read than the others in this list. It's about a 31 one year old teacher whose career isn't doing too well and has been invited to spend her summer on Corfu. Along with her struggling career her love life is also not doing too well. Over the summer she meets two men, and she has to choose between a no-strings attached fling and being a modern 'i don't need a man' woman. There's ups and down, tragedy and happiness all in one simple story. This is great for an easy read.

4. 3 Ways to Capsize a Boat 

By Chris Stewart 


3 Ways to Capsize a Boat is a memoir about Chris Stewart when he landed his dream job as a skipper for a summer. The book starts out with his story of getting his qualifications back in the UK and his experiences in Littlehampton harbour. All the way out to his summer sailing a Cornish crabber in the Greek Islands and finally ending with his journey of a lifetime across the North Atlantic. A great read for the sailors out there, and Chris' wit, charm and great story telling makes for an enthralling read.

To find out more... 3 ways to capsize a boat

So there you have it, a few great nautical and holiday themed books to keep you occupied over the bank holiday weekend. If you want to purchase any of these head to


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