A Week of Adventure and Serenity aboard Sailing Yacht Brando

Introduction: Embarking on a sailing charter in the South Ionian region is a delightful way to immerse yourself in the beauty of Greece’s crystal-clear waters and picturesque islands. Join us as I recount my memorable sailing adventure aboard the luxurious Oceanis 51.1 yacht from May 13th to May 20th, 2023.

Day 1 – Arrival (Saturday) – After a smooth journey from Gatwick, our crew of 10 eagerly arrived at Lefkas Marina. Thanks to MG Yachts’ efficient transfers, we quickly made our way to the marina where we headed straight to a taverna for a delicious Gyros—a perfect start to our Greek adventure.

Day 2 – Sunday: Lefkas Marina to Sivota, Lefkada: Fully settled in and well-provisioned, we set sail south down the enchanting Lefkas channel. Our first destination was Sivota, Lefkada. As we sailed north of Skorpios, the wind was strong and we were close hauled, so the crew’s enthusiasm for reefing in the sails varied. That added a nice touch of excitement to start our journey. This was followed by a beautiful bay stop in the Meganisi channel, where the sun decided to greet us just in time for a lunchtime swim. The evening was made up of catching up with the Sivota locals, Sailing Holidays crews and paying a visit to the infamous Pirates bar.

Day 3 – Monday: Sivota, Lefkada to Frikes, Ithaka: With a relaxed start to the day, we indulged in some fishing before making a delightful stop in a serene bay. Our sailing adventure continued as we headed south towards Frikes, Ithaka. Once ashore, we embarked on a leisurely walk to the windmill, overlooking Frikes port, and took in the breath-taking views. That evening, I had the best meal I’ve ever had in Greece. MYRTIA taverna, run by Poppy, is 5min taxi up the hill from Frikes, where you can expect some amazing fine dining!

Day 4 – Tuesday: Frikes, Ithaka to Perra Pigadi, Ithaka: The day greeted us with ideal sailing conditions as we embarked on a satisfying sail. We made a memorable bay stop, where we long lined off the rocks and stayed the night. The tranquility of the bay gave us the opportunity to explore and enjoy invigorating swims in the crystal-clear waters, once the sun had set over Ithaca we settled for sundowners and competitive games of backgammon.

Day 5 – Wednesday: Perra Pigadi, Ithaka to Fiscardo, Kefalonia: Our day started with a delicious onboard pasta meal as we sailed towards Fiscardo, Kefalonia. After reaching our destination, we hiked to Foki Bay, indulging in some exhilarating cliff jumping and exploring the caves. As the evening settled in, we relaxed with refreshing cocktails and savored a delightful meal at a charming taverna called Parnassos. The evening then turned towards Grekos bar where we danced the night away to rock anthems into the early hours.

Day 6 – Thursday: Fiscardo, Kefalonia to Kastos: We began the day with a delightful breakfast at Captain’s Cabin before setting off on a very calm and sunny downwind sail to Kastos. No reefing needed there, and we even managed to get a nice goose wing going. We enjoyed the tranquil beauty of the island, indulging in activities such as long lining. Later, we relished windmill cocktails and a delicious meze meal including Calamari, Greek salads, and Saganaki.

Day 7 – Friday: Kastos to Lefkas Marina: Our journey back to Lefkas Marina included a delightful motor sail and a fishing excursion. We made a memorable stop at Goat Bay, where we took a refreshing swim. Back at Lefkas, we celebrated with birthday drinks for Liv, marking the end of a fantastic sailing charter.

Day 8 – Saturday: Farewell and Return to London: As our incredible sailing adventure came to a close, we sadly bid farewell to the Ionian Sea and Brando, who had been an excellent home for the week! All the group are excited for our next charter adventure!

The biggest success of the trip was that we were all able to clear our minds of our day-to-day life and immerse ourselves in the Sailing charter and Greek culture. The relaxing atmosphere mixed with the beauty of every bay and port is the reason that the South Ionian is one of my favorite destinations for sailing charters. I’d also like to commend MG Yachts on a brilliant service.