World Health Day - 7 reasons a sailing holiday is good for your health!

World Health Day - 7 reasons a sailing holiday is good for your health!

What are the Health Benefits of Sailing Holiday?

In celebration of World Health Day (7th April 2016) we thought we’d give you some insight into why a sailing holiday (and a good dose of vitamin sea) really can be good for your health. We know what you’re thinking...but this isn’t just a shameless plug! There really are some great reasons to set off with just the blue sea and sky ahead of you...feeling better already?

1. You move more

A sailing holiday can be a great way to increase your daily movement rather than confining yourself to one stationary sunbed for the week. Don’t get us wrong – we aren’t advocating pounding out miles on a treadmill in the beautiful surroundings of the Lycian Coast but rather enjoying the everyday activities possible on a sailing holiday. You’ll be moving more without even thinking about it! From leaving harbour to setting those all-important sails, these daily tasks mean you’ll be moving a lot more than during an average day at the desk. This is just on board the boat, without even considering the opportunities for swimming, snorkelling and exploratory walks in search of secluded beaches... Doesn't sound too bad really does it?

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2. Watersports Activities

If you want to get even more active, from most bases you can hire a range of watersport equipment, to keep on board the boat and use throughout your holiday. Why not try your hand at sea kayaking for a brilliant upper body workout? Or if you are somewhere really sheltered Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great way to explore caves, bays and beaches whilst fortuitously toning the core. Stand Up Paddleboards (or SUP's as they are more affectionatly known) can also be used for yoga, although not for the faint hearted or inexperienced yogi...we managed little more than a Savasana (a lying down 'corpse' pose for those not in the know)!

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3. Swimming in the sea

Aside from being fun and a sure-fire hangover cure (in case you’ve indulged in one Retsina too many) there are a number of health benefits to taking the plunge! This isn’t just a new-fangled trend. As far back as the 4th century B.C. Hippocrates coined the word ‘Thalassotherapy’ from the Greek work for water (Thalassa).

It is a great exfoliator and actively removes toxins from the skin, replacing them with minerals (so we’re told). One health club in west London, frequented by Pippa Middleton and Cara Delevingne (amongst others), even went as far as importing water from the base of Sicilian Volcanos. We're can read more about it here. That must mean it’s pretty good. So you could pay the £365 per month fee to bathe in Sicilian water in South Kensington...or for even less you could hop on a plane, book a boat and be bathing at the base of said volcano, in the sunny Mediterranean!

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4. Mediterranean Food

For years we have been told that the Mediterranean diet is good for our health. Victoria Taylor wrote for BBC Good Food that it “may reduce our risk of developing conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol, which are all risk factors for heart disease”. Researchers have also found that it can help us maintain a healthy weight. This is all rather well supported, by recent research, that says healthy fats are good for us and sugar is the stuff we should be avoiding! Say "so long" to your sugary ready meal and get ready to embrace olive oil doused seafood and delicious slow cooked lamb – all in the name of health of course!

The healthiest Mediterranean foods we can recommend are: Greek Yoghurt, Olive Oil, locally grown fresh tomatoes, peppers and cucumber (that taste a million times better than the processed variety you find in most UK supermarkets) and locally caught fish (tuna and swordfish are a couple of our favourites). We also find the odd ice cream is good for the soul – but don’t tell the nutritionists we said so!

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5. Escaping Technology

As we all know, not taking a proper break from the monotony of work emails (and the accompanying tension), can lead to serious burn out. This isn’t good for anyone, leads to stress and a serious lack of productivity. Business Destinations last year reported that more people are in search of internet-less holiday destinations. We can’t promise a total escape, in fact, a number of our yachts come with free WiFi as standard! But we can promise that whilst you are sailing, from island to island, bay to bay, we reckon you’ll want to do nothing less than check your dreaded emails.

We can also recommend sailing areas that offer the best chance of really getting away from it all. From the Sporades Islands of Greece to the remote National Park in the Kornati Islands of Croatia - just ask our team for their recommendations. Then it's up to you (no making a bee line for the nearest quayside cafe with WiFi)!

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6. Anticipation – it’s all about the countdown

OK, so this one counts for all holidays (not just sailing) but it is rather interesting. Rather than spending money on material possessions it has been proven that planning a holiday, or another enjoyable experience, is psychologically beneficial. Instead of the short term pleasure you get from shopping, the enjoyment and excitement that comes with booking a holiday means you get the benefits from the initial planning, all the way through to the memories you build whilst you’re there! We hear these last a lot longer than that tempting new handbag (ladies we're looking at you!).

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7. The thrill of exploration - Learning lasts a lifetime

As far back as 2014 Andy Lynes (a Travel & Food writer at the Telegraph and a seemingly observant fellow) wrote that rather than “simply sunseeking”, holiday makers are looking to gain more from their holidays. Holidays that involve coming back with a new skill – in other words a holiday that educates as well as entertains – are becoming increasingly popular!

Forbes magazine also wrote just recently (March 2016) that one of the wisest ways to spend money to maximise the “happiness return on your financial investment” is to invest in learning a new skill. Whether you go for a laid back Skippered Charter or get fully involved in one of our RYA courses you’ll inevitably come back with a greater knowledge of sailing than when you left!

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Have we convinced you?

If so, or if you have any queries about our dubious health claims, give us a call on 020 8439 1133 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

World Health Day

World Health Day (7th April 2016) has been organised to raise the awareness of the growing risk of diabetes. As soon as 2030 the World Health Organisation anticipates this is likely to be one of the worlds biggest killers. Don't worry, we aren't about to embark on a health lecture and suggest your put down your well-earned Mythos! But, if you are worried, they have a very handy 'passport to a healthy lifestyle' that could be worth a read...

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