Choose your Charter – Practical Boat Owner

Choose your Charter – Practical Boat Owner

A special mention in Practical Boat Owner 

Are you thinking of chartering a boat this year? Peter K Poland advises on the types and sizes of sailing craft which would best serve your needs.

Practical Boat Owner - February 2016 Issue

We were recently featured in the latest issue of Practical Boat Owner in an article written by Peter Poland. If you are thinking of chartering a boat this summer this isn't an article to be missed. Peter offers brilliant advice, from his years in the industry, on the best brands and sizes of vessel to suit your needs. The article features a number of fascinating topics which we've summarised for you below.

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Family Orientated Charter

Peter discusses how the introduction of the Oceanis range to Beneteau in the 80's changed the way we think of chartering. These boats were built purposefully for chartering, with their spacious 3 or 4 cabin layouts, two head compartments, comfortable 'wraparound' extra seating and even a stern platform linked to a boarding ladder. All these features make these boats perfect for families.

Cruising Cats

The cruising catamaran has burst onto the scene according to Peter over recent years and is now hugely popular. The article then goes on to Peter Nicholson's opinion on cruising cats and the reponse was interesting. Nicholson agreed that for actual sailing a monohull is a better choice but for comfort whilst reaching destinations and space on board is has be to a cat.

catamaran swin deck

Numerous Designs

Once you have decided between monohull and catamaran you then have to decide on the size of the boat. Note that this closely relates to the age and price. The next part of the article relates to us specifically, as Barrie himself gets a mention! Peter concedes that the latest generation of monohulls have a lot more to offer family crews. He also mentions that 'Sailing Holidays as well as flotilla sailing (in Greece and Croatia) they also offer RYA courses and bareboat charters - monohulls and cats - in conjuntion with partners in other areas.'

What to do when you arrive at your boat

 There's a great section at the end of the article that looks at what to do when you arrive at your boat, Peter covers all points from checking for damage to the interior to checking the condition of the sails. He even reminds you to check things like the charter plotter and condition of the life jackets which are all crucial bits of kit that can be overlooked in the excitement of getting on board your boat for your charter!

So there you have a concise article written by an insightful sailor, Peter Poland, to read more great articles like this one head to Practical Boat Owner.


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