Man Over Board Life Savers

Man Over Board Life Savers

Man Over Board (MOB) Life Savers 

Just what are they? And should we all have them on board our yachts? We got bareboat's very own Sam and Sailing Holidays owner Barrie to test the MOB's out and see what all the fuss was about! This was a 'world first' at the 2016 London Boat Show!

Check out Barrie in action at the London Boat Show 2016 here!

What are they?

It's basically a device which in addition to a life jacket helps rescue a 'man over board' whilst on board a yacht with ease So anyone can be strong enough!

An MOB Lifesaver is 3 metres of 3mm neon coated HMPE rope (Dyneema) spliced into a loop with a triangle in one end. The other end is attached to the lifting becket in the life jacket with a strap hitch knot. When the life jacket inflates the MOB Lifesaver floats out onto the water and is easy for the rescuer to grab with the boathook. They can then secure the MOB to the boat while they set up their retrieval rig. The HMPE rope is capable of lifting 1.5 tons.

Why do we need them?

The answer? MOB Lifesavers. We don't go down to the MOB, he comes up to us.






How to fit MOB lifesavers?

It is important to fit MOB Lifesavers correctly so they will float out of the jacket when it deploys. First we find the lifting strop. Then we attach the end opposite to the triangle to the lifting strop using a strap hitch knot. Then we coil the MOB Lifesaver loosely and lie it alongside or above the firing head or the oral inflation tube depending on which side we find the lifting strop in the life jacket. When the life jacket deploys the firing head on one side and the oral inflation tube on the other will be on top of the bladder. This is where we want the MOB Lifesaver to be. That way it will be pushed out onto the water as the bladder inflates. Having attached the MOB Lifesaver and coiled it up we then re pack the life jacket according to the manufacturers instructions. It is generally easy to see how to repack the jacket as one follows the folds that were created when it was packed at the manufacturers. In any event it is important to see how the jacket has been packed when one opens it up. One can test that one has placed the MOB Lifesaver correctly, without inflating the life jacket by fitting the MOB Lifesaver and then holding the cover closed and then allowing it to open, whereupon the life jacket will open out and the MOB Lifesaver will come out. Here's a video showing you howe to pack an MOB Lifesaver into a SeaSafe life jacket, a Crewsaver life jacket, a Spinlock Deck Vest and a Kru Pro sport.

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Where to get one?

Go to the website to purchase your MOB.

MOB are pleased to announce that MOB Lifesavers have been approved for inclusion in SEASAFE life jackets. And shortly SeaSafe life jackets will be available with MOB Lifesavers as an optional extra.

The Man Behind the MOB

Duncan Wells, the man behind the MOB runs Westview Sailing, which is an RYA recognised training centre in Chalfont St. Petet, Buckinghamshire, UK. Not only does he run Westview, he's an RYA instructor and the author of Stress Free Sailing – Single & Short Handed Techniques and a feature writer for Yachting Monthly.




*MOB Lifesavers are endorsed by Hamble Lifeboat and a contribution from every MOB Lifesaver pack sold goes to Hamble Lifeboat to help them build their new boathouse as a thank you for their help in developing and supporting Lifesavers.*

MOB LIFESAVERS FROM DUNCAN WELLS. EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR CALL DUNCAN WELLS ON 01753 890555

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