A helping hand during the refugee crisis

A helping hand during the refugee crisis

A helping hand during the refugee crisis that's sweeping Europe

We're all aware that the current situation for refuges across Europe is not a happy story but a sad time of people losing their homes and livelihoods. And whilst these people are trying to flee their home countries and start new lives this article from the Huffington Post tells of the crisis from one kind man's perspective, as his native island of Kos, Greece received a large influx of refugees.

This man, Dionysis Arvanitakis, a 76 year old baker from Kos, one of the islands that has been hit the most severely from the arriving refugees is doing his bit to try and help the refugees as much as he can.

Follow the link below to read his kind story...


greek baker 1200

Here is Dionysis Arvanitakis handing out bread.

dodecanese map 1200

 Here we can see just how close the Dodecanese Islands are to Turkey.


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