The Costa Smeralda....a hidden gem

The Costa Smeralda....a hidden gem

Having a member of our team just return from a trip to the Sardinian shores we thought we'd give you a little insight into why Sardinia should be next on your holiday destination wish list!

The Costa Smeralda

A hot spot for celebrities and holiday makers alike. Whether it's the luxurious lifestyle or the simply stunning coast lines people can't seem to get enough of Sardinia this summer. It's home to the rich and famous and all that goes with it, but there's more to the Costa Smerelda than meets the eye. If you look further afield than the super yachts that are moored in the wealthier areas such as Porto Cervo, Sardinia also plays host to some incredible ancient archaeological ruins such as nuraghes, tombs and necropoles.

Here's our breakdown of some must see locations along the Costa Smeralda...

Sardinia - Costs Smerelda


Head inland and discover the history drenched town of Arzachena. With its origins steeped in mystery this area is full of different historical sites through the ages with the main focus on the Nuragic period. With so much to explore such as ancient villages made entirely out of stones called nuraghes, to tombs and even necropolis' there's plenty to see and discover here. For those of you looking to learn a little about the islands origins then this is the stop for you.

Porto Cervo

Next on the list is the islands most exclusive destination. With golf courses and private helipads scattering the coastline this port is home to some of the worlds wealthiest and most elite. Super yachts are a common sight in this area, with the VIP treatment never far from reality. Classy restaurants, swanky bars and clubs line the port and surrounding area so you can experience the true glitz and glamour in this wealthy Italian hideout. This is the destination for you if you're looking for Hollywood glamour in a stunning Italian environment.

Porto Rotondo

Again one of Sardinia's more luxurious destinations, Porto Rotondo is of the same calibre to Porto Cervo however it also pays tribute to some magnificent architecture. Some say this port has the highest volume of private jet traffic in Europe and with its scenic beaches where you feel like the only yacht in the ocean we can why it's so popular. If you want to combine both history and modern day extravagance then Porto Rotondo is the one for you. Home to the church of San Lorenzo, with its collection of over 200 wooden statues and a stunning amphitheatre made entirely of granite there is such a fantastic contrast between new and old it's one not to be missed. 


Last but not least there's Portisco, our bareboat base on the island. Portisco is a stunning town tucked away by magnificent rock faces and white sand beaches. A popular stop for mariners and tourists alike Portisco has some envy inducing while slightly more reasonably priced restaurants with local seafood often on the menu. The marina has the possibility to accommodate all types of yachts which will ensure there's something to catch your eye. With our charters beginning here, this well located base, just a half an hour drive from Olbia airport is ideal for those wishing to explore the Costa Smeralda at their leisure. Whether you want to amble over to the Archipelago of La Maddalena National Park or simply saunter along finding undiscovered and deserted bays then Portisco is the one for you.

marina de portisco triple

It's clear to us why Sardinia is proving such a popular destination, with everyone from celebrities to you and I flocking to this beautiful island to experience the wonders it has to offer. So why not check out what we have available from Sardinia this season and experience for yourself just what we're talking about!

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