Why we think Turkey is a must see this summer

Why we think Turkey is a must see this summer

Our top things to see in Turkey

The Lycian coast is named after the many Lycian cities dotted along its shores. The coast is surrounded by massive mountain ranges, cliffs and ravines with lovely little coves and bays to visit and escape the crowds. There is a lot of history in this region including over thirty archaeological sites and cities and many tombs covering the coastline which are a lovely sight to see. You will also find many hot springs and mud baths around these areas which are really fun to go and explore. 

Amongst all this history some of the towns have managed to develop into very modern places, especially Marmaris. It has become a buzzing destination with lots of shopping areas, restaurants and a great nightlife. If however you are trying to escape this and want to stick to some of authentic Turkey then head to Gocek and Fethiye which are currently still very much traditional harbour towns.

1. Lycian Rock Tombs

Stop off in the Ekincik Gulf – a picturesque bay with red cliffs and steep wooded slopes. Ekincik is a popular spot for sailors wishing to take a day trip to Dalyan which is a must see attraction, here you'll find infamous Lycian Rock Tombs, above the river's sheer cliffs are the weathered facades of Lycian tombs cut from rock, circa 400 BC. 

2. Olu Deniz

Voted by Tripadvisor as the best beach in Europe, this lagoon is one of the most photographed and picture-postcard locations in the Med. Here you can moor up on the beach or against the sheltered rocky shore south of the lagoon entrance and motor in.

Dalyan triple

3. Gemiler Island

Gemiler in Turkish means the ships and this island is lined with galliots and other ancient ship parking slips. Once home to Lycian and Byzantine pirates, there are remains of an entire village and it is possible to walk from the pirate-ships slips through a covered walkway to a basilica. It’s a great spot for snorkeling.

4. Butterfly Bay

A little bay covered by mountains and only accessible from sea, the striking spot is backed by a sheer mountain rock face from which water falls into this breathtaking natural preserve. The bay is a haven for more than 100 species of butterflies and is an incredible sight especially between July & September. Moor off the beach and swim or take the dinghy ashore.

5. Yassica Adalari

Or Pancake Island as it is more widely known is a great spot for the kids with traditional pancakes made by local ladies on the lovely sandy beach. It’s an amazing spot for sunsets, so anchor off and enjoy it with a beer in hand. 

butterfly bay gemilar pancake island triple 

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