Greek Myth Busting

Greek Myth Busting

Our update on busting the Greek media myths...

From the Greek Minister for the economy today...

"The Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism would like to reassure visitors to Greece that hotels, restaurants, shops and supermarkets have adequate food supplies, the prices of which have remained stable if not reduced as in the case of fresh fruit and vegetables. This is also the case for fuel, as gas stations are adequately stocked and prices remain unchanged.

Any reports stating the opposite are not reflecting the actual situation on the ground.

The Ministry for Economy via the General Secretariat for Commerce is working closely with local authorities and food companies and has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the supply of goods to the Greek market continues to operate as normal so that demand is entirely covered not only for the Greek people but also for the numerous visitors who have chosen Greece for their holidays."

The view from our team on the ground (or rather on the water)...

The following photos are all taken by our team out in Greece - From the Sporades Islands of Skopelos and Skiathos, through to the Saronic Islands of Hydra & Spetses, to the western Ionian Islands of Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Kefalonia and Zakynthos - we pretty much have most corners of Greece covered! Here is our view from the water...

MYTH: Greece is running out of food & drink...

If you are concerned about missing out on your usual Mythos or struggling to find your favourite souvlaki...Think again. It looks like you guys have been saving the Greek economy one cocktail at a you sailors! There is no risk of dodging the inevitable post holiday paunch with us, these photos from our lovely lead crews and sailors over the last few days prove there is still plenty of food (and drink) to go around...Yiamas!

In fact Matt Lemon very honestly admitted to gaining 4kgs with last week - good effort!

Bareboat Food

MYTH: Will the cultural sites be everything shutting down?

In a Our sailors have been exploring more than ever these last few weeks. As tourists seem to be (sadly) listening to the media hype about the country being on it's knees, the harbours, towns and beaches are becoming emptier, making these beautiful places even more exclusive to us sailors! This is great for us - we might even have space on the quay in Fiskardo this August (one can hope!) but it is rather sad for the local people who's businesses will inevitably suffer. So if you have had a nice time, tell your friends! Locally businesses will need all the help they can get.

Gorgeous historic towns, stunning beaches with gin clear water and incredible views...we would still take Greece in complete economic melt down over London with a tube strike!

Gorgeous Greece

MYTH: Greece isn't a good destination for sailors in the current climate...

Believe it or not, the wind is still blowing! 

Bareboats sailing

The sun is still shining (and setting...) 


 In short...what's not to love?!

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