Sailing Sardinia

Sardinia is well known for its chic and classy residents, simply stunning scenery and its gastronomic delights. As well as being able to sail along Sardinia’s coastline perhaps the most appealing reason to sail here is the magnificent La Maddalena Islands. A collection of islands that are so spectacular they have been designated a National Marine Park.

From the National Park to the native cuisine (fresh fish, delicious anti pasti or pizza…take your pick!) there isn’t much that fails to impress us when sailing in Sardinia. Enjoy lazy days in the La Maddelena Archipelago or sail to Bonfacio and enjoy a couple of days cruising the Corsican coast…

What’s the weather like?

June, July, August & September are the perfect time to visit Sardinia. Late summer is particularly good as the sea has had all summer to heat up making swimming an absolute pleasure at this time of year. As one of our most northern destinations temperatures are fortuitously cooler than more southern destinations like Greece and Turkey (no bad thing) but bear in mind that May and October can be a lot cooler here. This is an area for an experienced crew with a powerful West to North Westerly blasting along the West coast and a strong South to South Easterly prevailing along the East coast.

The costs of mooring fees for a 38-39ft yacht range from €20 to upwards of €100 per night, with prices sometimes rising to double the cost when staying over a weekend. If you are looking to save on marina costs there are plenty of bays to anchor off in. Some of the better anchorages have mooring buoys which you do have to pay for, but these are often less expensive than a marina.