Explore the Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands are a popular destination for both British sailors and locals alike. This wonderful area is just a stones throw from Athens making it really accessible. The wind in the Saronic Islands is perfect for those relatively new to chartering. There can be some exhilarating breezes but they tend to remain consistent and easy to handle.

Enjoy quiet bays all summer long

Our favourite aspect to sailing in the Saronic Islands is the tranquility and ease (even in the middle of August). For some reason this incredible area seems to have fallen off the radars of many crew which means that good quay space is common even in the height of summer. The local tavernas also remain unaffected by mass tourism, which means the food is deliciously traditional, and prices amazingly affordable!

What’s the weather like?

This area of Greece is fairly far south, so enjoys a really warm summer, with temperatures reaching up to 35°C in July and August. At the beginning and end of the season (May and October) the temperatures remain warm (generally around 23-25°C). A great area for an early or late season sail!

The prevailing wind in the Saronic Islands is a North Easterly Force 4-5. During August the Meltimi can often make its presence known with the wind strength picking up to a Force 5 or 6.

Expect mooring fees in most places except for bay stops. Prices vary depending on the type of harbour or marina you’re visiting and size of your yacht.