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One Week Sailing The South Ionian from Lefkas

One Week Lefkas South Map
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Ionian Island Hopping

The South Ionian is arguably one of our most popular destinations due to its light winds and blue waters. This route is great for beginners looking to whet their appetite. In the south there are so many bays to discover and harbours to explore, with friendly taverna owners and fellows sailors all around. Starting from Lefkas, you can island hop your way around, getting all the way down to Ithaca and even further afield to Kefalonia if you wish.

What's the sailing like?

The winds in the South are very light with Force 4 averaging in the summer months. Similar to the rest of Greece, you will rarely come across mooring fees. If by chance the port authorities do ask you to pay then it shouldn’t be more than €10 for a 38ft yacht, but this is very unlikely to happen.

Typical Itinerary & Highlights

Days 1 - 2, Arriving in Lefkas

After arriving in Lefkas and checking with the local charter company you are free to explore the town for your first evening. Head to one of the many restuarants and bars that surround the town offering delicious fresh Greek food.

On your first day why not sail south for 10 miles until you get to Sivota. This is a lovely village on a pretty little bay. Many restaurants, bars and shops line the harbour giving you plenty of choice for lunch or dinner. It's a lovely place for a first nights stay with stunning views of the mountanous coastline just opposite it.

  • Vasiliki Lefkas Island
  • Sivota, Lefkas flowers Sivota

Days 3 - 4, Meandering Through The Ionian Seas

Sailing South from Lefkas will bring you to Ithaca Island. There are three ports on the island - Frikes, Kioni and Big Vathi. All are lovely for either a lunch stop or overnight stay. Our personal favourite is Frikes, a beautifully understated spot just three miles from popular Kioni. But if it is picturesque quaysides and traditional tavernas you are after Kioni is a must...

A 15 mile sail from here will take you to Kastos Island. Kastos is beautifully untouched. Home to lush green hills, empty beaches and just a few quiet tavernas; it really is a great place to relax. The main harbour offers safe mooring and has several tavernas and restaurants to keep you entertained in the evening. The best spot for a view has to be the Windmill Bar & Taverna offering panoramic views over the mainland.

  • Kastus Bay with flowers Kastos Island
  • Small Quay at Frikes Frikes
  • Kioni Quay Kioni

Days 5 - 6, Escaping to Kalamos & Meganisi

The next stop on our list would be the small island of Kalamos. The town on Kalamos is about half way up the southern side of the island. A brilliant swim stop is Port Leone on the southern end of the island - an abandoned harbour with a lovely beach - well worth a visit!

Meganisi Island is the perfect final stop before heading back to Lefkas. There are multiple bays to choose from on this incredible island. Greek dance the night away in Port Atheni, enjoy the hospitality in Little Vathi, or anchor up in Spartahori to enjoy some of the most stunning views in the area. A great swim stop nearby is Abeliki Bay or alternatively the privately owned island of Skorpios.

  • Moored up at Port Leone Kalamos
  • Spartahori from Above Spartahori
  • Quaint Taverna by the water in Little Vathi, Meganisi Vathi

Days 7 - 8, Watching the sunset on a fantastic week...

As you set sail on your way back to Lefkas a lovely place for your last nights stay is Palairos. A small town with quite a buzz. There are many restaurants and bars in the town. Our favourite spot is the yacht club - right on the beach. The perfect place to enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset on a fantastic week of sailing...

Give yourself plenty of time getting back to Lefkas, so that you can check out everything you missed when you first arrived, and enjoy your last night in one of the local restaurants! 

  • Vasiliki Lefkas Island
  • Yacht Club at Palairos at Sunset Palairos

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  • Lefkas Island

  • Sivota

  • Kastos Island

  • Frikes

  • Kioni

  • Kalamos

  • Spartahori

  • Vathi

  • Lefkas Island

  • Palairos

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