Our top romantic sailing holiday destinations

Our top romantic sailing holiday destinations

Fancy sailing off into the sunset?

Rather than a hotel where you are surrounded by other holiday makers, having your own yacht really enables you to get off the tourist trail. Enjoy bays, coves and beaches completely to yourselves both during the day and overnight if you choose. A sailing holiday offers the perfect balance. Enjoy as much privacy as you like, with the option to duck into atmospheric ports, when you are ready to head back to civilisation. So if you like the idea of combining daytime escapism with romantic evening meals ashore a sailing holiday could be for you.

So where do we recommend?


1. Dalmatian Islands

  With the plethora of couple’s yachts on offer from both Split and Dubrovnik it is plain to see that this region is exceptionally popular with couples. Combine beautiful bays nestled in National Parks with glamorous evening entertainment. Check out our Rough Guide to One Week Sailing the Dalmatian Islands.
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2. Saronic Islands

  Sailing the Saronic Islands from Athens is not on most people’s list of top five romantic getaways – which makes it even better than the rest! From Athens you can quickly reach the islands of Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses. These islands combine Greek glamour with traditional tavernas in a way that we have never seen anywhere else. These are the islands where Greek Athenians come on holiday and so you will be leaving behind fellow Brits and embarking on a cultural adventure.
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3. Amalfi Coast

  The smallest yacht in this region is a 36ft and so this could be a good holiday to enjoy with other couples. The Amalfi Coast and its surrounding islands offer jet set glamour in spades. Enjoy Pizza on Procida, recline in the natural hot springs on Ischia Island and embrace the awe that comes with the visiting this region from the water.
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