Turning a 1 week holiday into a 16 year trip!

Turning a 1 week holiday into a 16 year trip!

How a 1 week sailing holiday became a 16 year round the world trip!

Can you imagine setting sail for a one week sailing holiday and not coming back for 16 years? No, nor can we! But one couple did just that! As read in the Telegraph, Clive and Jane Green returned home 16 years after they left for a one week sailing holiday to Spain.

How it all began...

Clive and Jane bought their 1981 Trident Challenger yacht in 1997 for £16,500. They spent a few months fixing it up and once it was ready, on the 11th July 1998 they set off from Pembrokeshire with Spain as their final destination. With their home in Wales rented out for the week they wanted to 'test the waters' and see if this was their cup of tea! 

Clive Jane Green

But unsurprisingly, it was a huge success! And their maiden voyage continued...

The Route

From Spain they continued to the Cape Verde, then across the Atlantic to Barbados before island-hopping through the Caribbean. After this they sailed up the east coast of America, stopping in New York for a few days. From America they continued north to Canada before heading down the Panama Canal, crossing the Pacific to Australasia then up through Indonesia to South East Asia, over to India, through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean where they've spent the last couple of years.

Incredible sights

On their adventure they encoutered some incredible sights of nature, such as a giant Sei whale which were bigger than their boat! They also saw orangutans in Borneo, an active volcano in Fiji and swam with seals off the Galapagos Islands. They even had some scares when they were sailing through waters inhabited by Somali pirates and a boat was following them, but luckily this turned out to just be a Eritrean fishing boat with an injured crew member.

Arriving home

Upon arrival home the couple were greeted by their two friends who cast them off 16 years earlier and Clive & Jane were quoted saying "we really had gone full circle - all the way around the world at an average speed of 4.5 mph". This doesn't sound like a bad idea to us, so why not take a sailing holiday with us, and who knows, you might end up buying a boat and sailing round the world like these two! To read the full article click here.

Clive Jane glacier

Clive & Jane during a trip to a glacier in New Zealand

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