Learning Holidays - Come back with more than a tan!

Learning Holidays - Come back with more than a tan!

Learning Holidays - Come back with more than a tan!

Learning to sail in the sun

Ever thought of learning to sail on holiday? Well... quite a few of you have apparently! After starting in 2010, six years on our RYA school has grown to three boats! In fact our growing RYA sailing school is part of a much wider trend surrounding learning holidays.

As far back as 2014 Andy Lynes (a Travel & Food writer at the Telegraph and a seemingly observant fellow) wrote that rather than “simply sunseeking”, holiday makers are looking to gain more from their holidays. Holidays that involve coming back with a new skill – in other words a holiday that educates as well as entertains – are becoming increasingly popular!

RYA Competent Crew

Day Skipper

In 2010 we elaborated this learning experience somewhat to offer fully fledged RYA qualifications. And we’re not sure about you but we have found that combining lessons with leisure really makes for a holiday with a difference. Our Day Skipper courses enable those who already have a little experience to become qualified in just a week - a brilliant way to build confidence and become a confident skipper.

Competent Crew

For those not quite ready to embark on a Day Skipper course, where you are assessed and certified, the competent crew course offers the perfect balance. Rather than learning to Skipper the yacht you are instead there to learn how to become a competent (and thus valuable) member of the crew!

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The Benefits of a learning holiday

By immersing yourself in something like a sailing holiday or indeed a sailing course you are forced to put down your phone/tablet/iPad and focus on the activity at hand – be it steering, sailing or simply giving into temptation and plunging into the crystal clear sea.

We can see why people enjoy it – we don’t know a faster or more effective way to switch off the mind and enter into holiday mode than leaving harbour on the first day with nothing but blue sea and blue sky ahead of you! There is something remarkably special about stimulating the mind with something entirely different – saying goodbye to the computer screen and hello to the horizon – it can’t be bad for you can it?

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Meet people who share a passion

The other perk of our courses is meeting like-minded people, who like you, share a passion for sailing, the sun...or often just the post sailing G&T! Unlike many activity holidays, you aren’t forced into typical group activities, but instead tend to enjoy the company of fellow sailors simply by sharing tales of your daily adventures.

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Learning Holidays for children and teenagers

This is a particularly potent benefit to teenagers who engage with people they never would in everyday life. They start off as nervous and by the end of the holiday have, not only learnt new skills, but in many cases made lifelong friends. They won’t even remember that iPad they insisted on bringing and will instead be far too immersed in swimming, snorkelling or mastering one of the fastest growing trends in water sports Stand Up Paddleboarding.

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Combine your RYA with a weeks Bareboating

Why not combine the two and do your RYA training in the first week and then set sail for the second week to put everything you've learnt into practice? We think this is the perfect opportunity to get to grips with your new found skills and really put them to the test! Plus once you've been out for a week you won't want to come home, so one more week couldn't hurt, could it?!

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