Cala D’Or

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Cala D'Or

This holiday beach resort is a large development on the east coast. Although it’s very built up, there are many hidden calla’s and coves in the area. For the food lovers, Cala D’Or offers a number of diverse restaurants and busy bars.


The east coast of the island is notoriously much calmer than the west and offers a much more sheltered environment for beach lovers. Cala D’Or itself boasts five separate beaches, although they are very small and can become cramped very quickly.

If you’re looking for a pristine and idyllic beach and aren’t scared of a walk then head to Cala Varques. This amazing little beach is completely separated from anything else on the island and is a favourite amongst locals. 

Cala D’Or also offers a series of fashion boutiques for those who want to do some shopping and there are several souvenir shops.

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