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Sipan is one the largest of the Elaphiti Islands. Around 17km northwest of Dubrovnik this island has an unusual characteristic, it has two limestone crests, the higher in the northeast and the lower in the southeast of the island and these surround a dolomite depression where olives, figs, vine, almond trees and orange and citrus fruit grow.

Sipan is famous for its wine and is also a historically interesting area. In the 15th century it was a chic summer getaway for the wealthiest of Dubrovnik, many of whom built palaces on the island. There is also a castle of a wealthy family dating from the 16th century, a tower from the 1577 which was built as a defence against pirates and a fortified church.

The beaches in Sipan are not as stunning as some others nearby such as Lopud however you’ll have no trouble finding a pleasant place to anchor up and jump into the clear waters.

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