Hvar - Dalmatian Islands

  • Hvar Island view of Pakleni Islands


Hvar is well-known not only for its nightlife, but also its fantastic beauty and historic fortress.

Hvar Town lies at the foot of steep cliffs, dominated by an old fortress overlooking its historic buildings and the bay opening infront of it, with a view of Jelsa Harbour view on Hvar Island letterboxthe nearby Pakleni Islands.

It's certainly an impressive sight to behold, either if you have ventured up to the fortress or taking it in from the bay while sipping a cold beer on your yacht.

As for nightlife, well Hvar town will certainly fulfill any desire you have to have a good old boogie. The summer months are when the town really comes alive, and you will find some of the best bars and clubs in Dalmatia here.

We think it's good to note that Hvar town is not just about bars, restaurants and nightlife, a suggestion would be to hire a scooter and perhaps visit the centre of the island and maybe even other ports and bays that you may not visit by yacht; a top tip is to cruise by Jelsa (shown in the photo above) which is a pictureque little harbour town.

As you may well imagine Hvar Town does become very busy in the summer season, notably during July and August. It's very much a case of the early bird gets the worm here, with the quay reserved for yachts filling up early. However, you can do what we did, and anchor off in the harbour, though at times this also becomes very full.

Our top tip for Hvar would be to make sure you hire an outboard if planning to anchor or take a line ashore in the bay, or instead stay at the ACI Marina in the Pakleni Islands and then come across to Hvar town in a speedy and very James Bond'esq water taxi.

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